Code of Conduct

This section provides background into a man’s code of conduct from a biblical perspective. A man’s code is a foundation of values and principles that any man lives by. Every man has his own code. You can tell a man’s code by his behavior and things he values. An authentic man’s values have four aspects that we discuss in this section.

Code of Conduct 1 – A Will to Obey:

The authentic man lives to obey the will of his Master. There is no greater objective in this life.

Code of Conduct 2 – A Transcendent Cause:

God created us for His cause. He wants us to honor Him in all we do. It does not matter what our work or cause in life is. It matters that our cause glorifies the Lord.

Code of Conduct 3 – A Woman to Love:

Careful! We are not talking about babe watching here. God designed us to love a woman as Christ loved the church. This is a very special relationship.

Code of Conduct 4 – A Design to Follow:

God’s design for sex and marriage