Four Pillars


Four Pillars of Manhood

How Shall a Man Live?

In this section, we define the four pillars of manhood as defined in the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight”. We will be looking at some examples of “real men”, discussing how an authentic man acts and how an authentic man is to live. We have a true measuring stick of a man in Jesus. He is our model. As followers of Jesus we must emulate His life and seek to follow Him with all that we have. To take this a step further, we will challenge you to not only ask what He would do, but that you would let him simply live through you. This is what the Bible calls us to do, so that is where we start.
We will cover four lessons in this section. Jesus, of course, is our true model but in the Bible we are also given a glimpse into other men who had good hearts. Sometimes
pillars2they did what Jesus would do and sometimes they didn’t. Our lessons will cover the following topics:

Pillar 1 – Authentic Men Reject Passivity:

What does this mean? Passivity is an epidemic in our culture today. It is seen in men who live their lives as victims, not living with a commitment to themselves, to others, or to God. Passive men let things happen to them rather than actively investing in their lives and the lives of others. This lesson will talk about how Jesus and others lived life with passion and refused to take the easy way out of situations. You may be surprised at what God will show you.

Pillar 2 – Authentic Men Accept Responsibility:

Authentic men don’t walk (or run) away when they have something they have to do. Jesus took the awesome responsibility of going to the cross. Your responsibility will likely not be this dramatic, but Jesus calls you to pick up your cross daily and follow Him. This lesson takes a look at just what it means to accept responsibility. Take heart, we all fall down; the message here is to keep the vision and always get back up.

Pillar 3 – Authentic Men Lead Courageously:

OK, here is where we talk about the battles with swords and excitement, right? Authentic men live courageously every day. But what does that look like in your life? Again, we will go to our ultimate Authentic Man, Jesus, and see just what courage looks like. Then we will look at other examples of men who also lived with courage.

Pillar 4 – Authentic Men Expect God’s Greater Reward:

Authentic men don’t settle for less than they have to. So, what should you settle for? Is it the car, the clothes, or the cool house and job someday? No, the greater reward is your eternal reward. To receive this life we must have our focus on the eternal life you have been promised. This lesson will discuss practical ways to do this and, as always, show us some examples of authentic men.

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